Friday, April 21, 2017

PSA: Mental Illness

People with depression and anxiety have to deal with on almost a daily basis. It doesn't just last a day or two or a week or even a month; depending on the person and the severity of their illness on how long it lasts. For some it last months, others a year or maybe a few years, and for many, it's a lifetime struggle. 
I posted these to let you know if you suffer from any mental illness, there is help out there for you! The best option if you feel suicidal is to go to the nearest emergency room. 
If you notice that you are feeling down a lot, have thoughts running through your head all the time talk to your doctor, they can recommend a therapist or psychologist for you to go see. But tell someone, get the help you need because there are people that care even if it doesn't seem like it; there are people that need you, that love you. You're an amazing person and deserve to live and be happy. 
I'm not a professional be no means and there's so much more to it than what I have said and posted. But I've been there, Jessica has been there; so many people you know have been there that you don't know about. People try to hide mental illness because they're afraid of being judged. Don't be afraid, people that love you will never judge you! It's an illness just as much as cancer and heart disease. You wouldn't put off getting treatment for those, don't put off getting treatment for your depression, anxiety, bipolar, panic disorder, PTSD, and many many other mental illnesses. 
You matter; you are loved you are amazing! Tell someone you need help...please!

Below are some Hotlines you can call for help, print it out or write down the numbers you need or might need. You may need them for a friend even, so it doesn't hurt to have them handy. LR 💋