Thursday, November 3, 2016

Journey into Freedom

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Lia Deynes is young, beautiful and naïve. Her journey started with a caring, loving Dom; or so she thought. She found herself not only lost in an underground world of lies, pain and betrayal; but lost in her own mind, stuck between reality and illusion. Her happiness rested on the promise of a friend that no one would ever hurt her again. But promises are broken and Lia finds herself in new surroundings with unfamiliar faces, except one. The young man with the crystal blue eyes. The one that was always in her dreams and her reality, promising to love her and protect her. Is this the same man or another fantasy made from her broken mind? He takes her and hides her against imminent danger or is it to protect her from herself? Identities will be revealed, betrayals will be exposed and Lia’s fate will be decided. Will she find the one thing that has eluded her, her entire life? Freedom.

18+ Mature and dark themes including BDSM play

punishment, intense and descriptive sex scenes, torture, 

death and hopefully a happily ever after ending.