Thursday, October 13, 2016


Saving Ava snippet

“Hands on the wall my butterfly, do not move,” he instructs me. 
I love it when he calls me that. I know it’s only been a few times, but when he does I feel truly special like he’s branded me his.
I do as I’m told and place my hands on the wall above my head; this causes my head to go back a little and my butt to stick out some. I know Mikael is enjoying what his simple commands do to me. I hear his slight intake of breath so much louder than the shower overhead; that has got to be one of the sexiest sounds I have ever heard before.
“Do you have any idea how sexy you are, right now, in this very moment?” he asks me.
I’m not sure how to respond, so I wiggle a little as a response. It is a nervous, flirtatious movement. That’s when I feel his fingertips graze my shoulder; I bite my lip to keep from moaning. The way he makes me feel, both inside and out; it’s like he’s only able to see me, touch me and love me. Mikael makes me feel so beautiful that all of the usual insecurities aren’t allowed in this speck of time. He doesn’t question, he doesn’t judge, he only focuses on what he knows I need in that instant.
“Mikael…please,” I beg him, I know he loves when I’m at the point of no return. I feel his fingers tighten on my hips as his hardness presses against me before seeking entry. I know he will only give me what he feels I need.
“Please… Mikael, I can’t wait,” I beg him once more before he gently presses forward. He slowly pulls me back towards him, with his fingers pressing harder into my hips, while he moves gradually forward. He stretches me and teases me, I know he’s doing this because I begged.
“Ava! Stop it,” he growls in my ear before he bites my shoulder and slams hard into me. I’m flat against the wall and this, this is what I need. For him to take me to that place, that place that makes my mind feel like warm honey drizzled onto cotton candy. His grip is bruising, his thrusts are damaging and I love every single second of it.
Gasping, grunting, moaning and the sound of the shower running; steam rises up to fog out the whole room, sweat dripping down my body, being washed away. The feeling like my finger tips and toes are starting to tingle. This is the warning I need when I know I’ll melt away and that’s what I need. Then, I feel sharp searing pain on my left side. This is when I know he is spanking me and boy does it feel so good.
“That’s right butterfly, that’s right, you feel that,” he grunts into my ear before I slip away into oblivion.