Friday, February 5, 2016

How about a little snippet from Saving Alexia?? Ms. Sins will never know, so ssshhhhh don't tell her ~LR

“Hello, I’m Alexia Kincaid, thank you for coming to see me,” I politely utter.
“Agent Adam Chase, I’ve also brought along Agent Riley Scott. I’m sure you remember him as Sergeant Scott at the time. He’s with the FBI now,” Agent Chase explains in that normal non-descript cop voice.
I stare over at the now Agent Riley Scott. He looks the same, only slightly older, a little bit of graying at his temples. However, his face still appears young, his dark eyes and full lips are the same. He even looks as if he’s built bigger. I just look him over, shocked to see him again after all of this time. I peer over to Agent Chase to get a good glimpse of him. He is built as well and he has dark blonde hair, with that messy bed head look that almost every guy has nowadays. He is in the FBI standard, dark navy blue suit with a grey tie. He also has full lips and a slightly cocky smirk, one that you almost want to reach out and slap off of his beautiful face; with his high cheek bones, and straight nose. He reminds me of Jessi Pavelk, not an exact replica but really close. Agent Scott is almost an exact carbon copy of that actor David Beckham, just with a larger build.
“Hello Sergeant, I mean Agent, it’s been awhile. I was wondering what had happened to you. The last time I talked to you…hmm, I seem to remember you telling me that you never get involved with a victim, but that didn’t stop you from taking advantage of me, did it? No, I remember you telling me some bull shit line of, how you could lose your job and how sorry you were. I thought you were different than the rest of all of the people who only get close to me to try to get something for nothing. Well I’m here to tell you, I’m not that wide eyed, naive girl anymore. I won’t let some asshole who’s only trying to get a piece of my ass to try to ‘solve’ your fucking case. So, unless you have some useful information and are here on a professional capacity I suggest you leave,” I spout out. Yes, I know I’m being a bitch towards him and Agent Chase has no clue as to what’s going on, but ‘Agent’ Scott needs to be put in his place. He used me to try and gain information about me and my family for his career. I had become fairly close to him during the most tragic time in my life. I trusted him because he treated me like a normal person, not ‘The Alexia Kincaid’. I had fallen hard and fast for him.